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The simplified difference between socialism and capitalism

The simplified difference between socialism and capitalism

How can you ‘like’ politics?!

If you go back 100years ago, everybody was actively engaged in, and interested in politics. In present times, it is the complete opposite. I know that when I go home to spend christmas with my family they will take pity that I engage myself in current affairs. I’m sure other people who involve themselves will also experience the same thing. Nobody is interested anymore.

But to not be interested in politics itself is a dangerous thing. This is because democracy relies on all of the people and their individual views.

Anyone who says they are not interested in politics is like a drowning man who insists he is not interested in water

Yet people are understandably bored by politicians, who in modern times act like robots, trained to spew the same rhetoric over and over. But how do these politicians get away with doing this? The answer is simple, its because of the lack of interest in politics by the majority. If everyone was actively involved and engaged, politicians would be made to answer questions with real answers or face real public revolt.

In the current situation, not only does a lack of interest bode well for those in power, but it also fuels bigger government. This is not good from a libertarian perspective!



What would the pope think of libertarian Jesus?

It’s very sad when religion tries to involve itself into politics. I always thought the archbishop of Canterbury was the worst offender for preaching politics but then Pope Francis happened.

First he rants about the Falkland Islands being rightfully Argentina’s, next he says that free markets are bad for the poor! I wonder what libertarian Jesus would think of this?



The truth is, the pope thinks the only way for people to be compassionate and help the poor is for the government to do it by taxing people, not realising of course that this leads to cronyism and corruption and government dependent charities. No. True compassion is when the individual decides to act by himself.

Anti-Libertarian meme

Anti-Libertarian meme

Sometimes you have to admit there are some pretty funny anti-libertarian memes out there

Even our feline friends hate obamacare

Some great obamacare cat memes =]







Tragic I know, but they do sum up what everyone is thinking


This is the classic question thrown at libertarians when they call for small government. But dont worry, the Ludwig von Mises institute has the answer for you here.





You’re welcome =]

The Naval versions of Reagan, Clinton and Obama

This is a complete copy from Dan mitchell’s blog, but sums up these presidents very well.





Sorry…I had to post this since I love cats!

Sorry...I had to post this since I love cats!

Classic obama and the welfare state

Classic obama and the welfare state

Evil Capitalists or evil government?

Evil Capitalists or evil government?

Government is not the answer!

Government is not the answer!

My first post!

Seeming as though I am a big supporter of small government and libertarian values, I thought I would set up a semi serious blog to try and spread these fundamental values that are diminishing in our society. I plan to collect and post as many cartoons or memes as I can because I think this is a great way of capturing the imagination of all ages and genders, and from time to time I will post important news articles and stories from around the world.

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