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Manchester airport and the power of the state

It seems like a long time ago now, but back in 2012, Manchester airport did a trial run of full body X-ray scanners, which were funded by the EU to increase airport security. I know security in airports is important, but at the time I thought they went too far. My partner, who is a qualified radiographer here in the UK, said to me “I bet those scanners don’t abide by the Ionising radiation regulation 1999”.

Low and behold she was right, it was in fact someone she knew who was going on holiday through the airport that very week who happened to be a top dog in the field of radiation protection contacted the airport and they immediately took the scanners down.

What the underlying message of this story describes, is how far the state will go for your ‘protection’ in your best interest, even though you have not been asked personally whether you agree with the technology or not.

Anyway, in all cases, cartoon obama is best at describing these things.


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