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I blackout when they talk about socialism

Venezuela, the country with the worlds largest crude oil reserves and lots of other natural resources, has been suffering from periodic electricity blackouts since 2009. Another blackout occurred on Monday at 8pm local time, it caused chaos, mass protests, and people couldn’t travel home from work.

Apparently the blackouts have been caused by PLANNED POWER RATIONING and utility failures. But then, is this any surprise since the country has been governed by a socialist party for the past 15years?

Now the prime minister of Venezuela, Mr Maduro, thinks the opposition party deliberately caused the blackout whilst he was delivering a live address on TV:

“Be strong against this electrical war that yesterday’s fascists have declared against our people” 

The stark reality is that Venezuelans are suffering from 54% inflation every year and a shortage of basic things such as flour and toilet paper. This is a direct consequence of having a socialist government. If you share out resources instead of giving an incentive for people to work, the productive side of the economy will reduce so much that there becomes a lack of basic products like toilet paper.

Furthermore, the blackouts are also a consequence of political parties squabbling with each other instead of ensuring that there will be enough energy for the future. Reminds me of the current situation in the UK.



Sorry I also had to involve Obama


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