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The EU…based on democracy, human rights, accountability and transparency

The council of the European Union had a debate today on the external action service. As I was reading the report, one section caught my eye: “EU support for democratic governance” of nation states around the world. These were some of the points outlined:

  • The EU’s support should be based on a rights based approach,
    encompassing all human rights, and the principles of participation, non-discrimination,
    accountability and transparency.

  • The Council underlines that better use should be made of the wealth of experience the EU
    has accumulated in the area of democratic transition

Wow, this is alarming considering that the core structure of the EU does not encompass all human rights (particularly some UK rights that are overruled by the ECHR), is not fully democratic, and is certainly not transparent! Where are those accounts that should have been signed off for the past 19 years?

Here is some more text from the report:

  • Notwithstanding the partner country’s needs and the commitment of the EU to provide
    predictable funding, the Council notes that elements of an incentive based approach can stimulate progress and results in democratic governance.

  • The Council also notes that while financial incentives are not sufficient to trigger democratic reforms, an incentive-based approach works best when a critical mass of funding is available in order to generate significant impact and results, and where allocations form part of a broader strategy of EU engagement.

So basically the EU are going to do more of what they are already doing which is wasting millions on trying to persuade nations around the world to become more democratic, even though they acknowledge that financial incentives don’t actually work!

The report can be found here.

ps. The president of the council is non other than Catherine Ashton, who incidently has never been democratically voted for in her entire life.



At least no one has to vote for me

One wonders, how a politician who has never been voted for in her entire career, landed the role of the head of the European External Action Service. Catherine Ashton.

She is in the news again today because her service costs £420m annually. The EEAS was set up because of the new powers the Lisbon Treaty granted the EU. The purpose of this organisation is to bribe foreign countries and leaders to do as the EU says and to merge all of the european state armies into one massive army.

The EEAS has 3,417 staff and 500 of those earn more than the British Prime Minister David Cameron. Additionally, the majority of the employees only pay 15% tax on their salaries.

To add to the waste, it has emerged that the EEAS has spent £130k on teaching children cricket, and £1m on wind turbines and biofuel plants which have not been built.

Catherine Ashton has done remarkable well for herself ever since she passed the Lisbon Treaty through the UK house of lords without a referendum. Hmmmmmm………


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