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The community…by the people, for the people

What is the difference between a government run service and a community run service? One is run by bureaucrats, the other run by the people for the people. A community run service would be more value for money compared to government intervention and the people who run the service will be directly accountable for their actions. Furthermore, the community can decide what the service should entail to provide the best service for their community, whereas the government service may be part of a national service, thus, the concerns of the local people are bound to be ignored.

People always confuse me when they oppose government cuts during times of austerity. Would they not rather run some things themselves? The amount of waste and corruption that happens when the government is involved is obvious.

I know setting up a community service is not strait forward but it can be achieved if everyone works together. 

Similarly, some people may not want the service altogether. By having a community service in place, this means that they are not forced to pay for that service by the government. If the money supplied to run the service directly depends upon its actions, then it will seek to achieve the best service for the people. Alternatively, a government service always knows that it will receive funding, therefore targets are, most of the time, lower than what they should be. 


UK spending increases

UK spending increases

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