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Increasing government burden does not promote growth or prosperity



VAT itself is actually the only fair tax that is used in the UK at the moment. This is because the rate is the same for everybody. However, I question whether it is even necessary when it has been proven that the most effective way of promoting growth, is by lowering taxes. Particularly when that tax forms part of a double/triple/quadruple taxation system. For example my monthly wage gets taxed, then with the money left over I pay my energy bills, which are also taxed, I go to the shop and by some food, again this is taxed, then I also have to pay council tax, next I put petrol in my car, tax, then I buy a ticket for the train to get to work, tax, and I could carry on all day. Would it not be more simple to phase out VAT and to implement a universal flat income tax to relieve the hardworking families of the UK? A tax system is most effective when ordinary citizens can work out their tax returns with a piece of paper, a pen and a calculator.

The vast number of taxes suffered by UK citizens

The vast number of taxes suffered by UK citizens

Whenever I look at this chart, I always realise that 3/4 of these taxes are unnecessary and are a huge burden on taxpayers and the economy. Just imagine how much the economy could take off without the likes of petrol, vehicle and inheritance duties. For one, I could afford to buy a car!

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