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The simplified difference between socialism and capitalism

The simplified difference between socialism and capitalism




1billion people have been taken out of poverty in the last 20years.


Is there anything small government can’t achieve?

Which countries are the best when it comes down to these factors?:

  • pro free market
  • pro pure capitalism
  • anti regulation
  • anti big government
  • pro freedom for the people

Well thats easy: Hong Kong, singapore and switzerland

These values have helped Hong Kong and Singapore grow faster than the US which was 4 times richer than both in 1950:



Gross national income is also higher than the US:



Where do all the millionaires flock to to provide more prosperity and jobs? You guessed it!



And here is why switzerland is so good (small government burden):



News today also suggests they are now the best nations for education:


Is there anything a small government can’t achieve?

The last defender of common sense

Its very sad to see modern UK politicians sleepwalking towards socialism. Nowadays, it doesn’t matter what party they are from, they are all leaning the same way. No one seems to have the guts anymore to stand up for capitalism, the very thing that brings wealth and prosperity to a nation. The last time a politician stood and defended these values was 1990.

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