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And we all lived profitably after

Profit has a bad reputation in the UK. This can be down to many things but the main problem is people don’t understand what profit is.

Profit increases everybody’s standard of living. No matter what ‘class’ you are or where you come from, profit allows the individual to improve his life. This means that when profit is not achieved, living standards either stay the same or reduce.

People who criticize profit do so because people have achieved it in devious and bad ways. So shouldn’t we criticize the people who do this instead of profit itself? If I were to steal food from you, is that the foods fault or is it my theft?

Put simply, profit is benefiting from the fruits of your labour. If anyone wants to criticize it who also picks up a pay slip every month then that is hypocrisy.


Government shutdown, business as usual

Government shutdown, business as usual

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