About Me

1) I am a libertarian who believes in government being as small as it possibly can

2) I am a big eurosceptic

3) I love cartoons and memes because they can deliver important messages in such a simple and uncomplicated way

4) I am from the UK, 22 years old, and working towards a PhD

5) I love cats!! They are the ultimate libertarians.


  1. Contact me so I can use some of your articles on my blog and you can use some my articles on your blog. Seems like we have the same problem over here as you do there, loss of freedom. The more freedoms we lose the harder it will be to get them back, if we can.

    • Hi, you can use as many articles off my blog as you wish. It’s a fairly new blog but I hope to post as much as I can.
      Those who fail to open their eyes have freedom snatched away from them before they knew they even had it.

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