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Old, but still proves a point

Old, but still proves a point

Obama voters….

Obama voters....

The welfare state can get people hooked

The welfare state can get people hooked

During the american shutdown

During the american shutdown

Government shutdown, business as usual

Government shutdown, business as usual

The Naval versions of Reagan, Clinton and Obama

This is a complete copy from Dan mitchell’s blog, but sums up these presidents very well.





Sorry…I had to post this since I love cats!

Sorry...I had to post this since I love cats!

Classic obama and the welfare state

Classic obama and the welfare state

Two faces, one evil

Two faces, one evil

The geese that lay the golden eggs

As Dan Mitchell (from the CATO institute) once said

The geese that lay the golden eggs can fly across the border.

This is such a nice way of explaining how uncompetitive tax rates can lead to successful people and businesses, who both contribute massively in taxes, to leave the country/state when conditions no longer suit them. For a country to grow and be successful, it has no option but to choose low tax rates, and from a libertarian perspective, a flat tax.

Great obama parody – the welfare state

Great obama parody - the welfare state

Keynesian economics…with sharks!

Keynesian economics...with sharks!

UK spending increases

UK spending increases

Why we really need the government…..

Why we really need the government.....

Evil Capitalists or evil government?

Evil Capitalists or evil government?

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